Arlington Travel Basketball (ATB) is a member of the Fairfax County Youth Basketball League (FCYBL). Girls and boys residing in Arlington are eligble to play on a ATB team; non-Arlington residents are ineligible.

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Arlington Travel Basketball
Time Commitment, Cost, Minimum Playing Time FAQs

This page of the Arlington Travel Basketball website includes FAQs associated with FCYBL Age Group rules that apply to the ATB program. 

  • Time Commitment
  • Where Are Most FCYBL Games Played?
  • What is the Cost of Playing on an ATB Team?
  • Does ATB Provide for Fee Reductions of ATB Team Fees?
  • Does ATB Have Any Miminum Playing Time Policies?

Time Commitment
Practices.  From October until mid-November, ATB teams practice three times per week. From mid-November until the end of the season, each team will practice twice a week.  Practices are usually 90 minutes long and all practices will be in Arlington.

FCYBL season.  Each team plays a 14-game regular season schedule, starting in early December and ending in early March, culminating in a playoff tournament that starts the last week of February, with Championship Saturday being the first Saturday in March. 


Most games are held on weekends, although 7th and 8th grade teams do have 2-4 weeknight games scheduled each year.  In addition, weather or other circumstances may make week night games necessary for any team.


Non-FCYBL games.  Some teams may elect to participate in tournaments or other winter leagues over and above the FCYBL schedule.  This would result in additional fees.


Where are Most of the FCYBL Games Played?

Most of the games are either in Fairfax or Arlington County.

What is the Cost of Playing on an ATB Team?
The registration fee for this year is yet to be determined.  This fee covers the costs such as uniforms, equipment and various individual and team fees and administration costs.


Does ATB Provide for Fee Reductions of the Team Fee?
Yes; ATB offers income-based fee reductions of the registration fee to players that qualify for free or reduced lunch in the Arlington Public Schools. For more information, contact the boys or girls commissioner.

Does ATB Have Any Minimum Playing Time Policies?
FCYBL does not have minimum playing time requirements, and parents should be aware that some teams play only their strongest players. 

The ATB policy is that every player who regularly attends practice will play an average of 25% of each game, with common sense exceptions for fouls, injury, illness, disciplinary issues, etc.  (Injured players who expect to return to play ordinarily are expected to attend practices even if they cannot participate.) 

Parents should be aware that specific game-to-game playing time decisions are within the coach's discretion, and game management sometimes may dictate that a player's "25% participation" is averaged over several games. 

ATB specifically requests parents not to address playing time issues with coaches; if there is a significant issue, a parent should arrange a conference with the commissioner."


Last Updated:  September 18, 2021